Manitowoc County Recycling Center Offers Free Wood Mulch

The Manitowoc County Recycling Center is offering free wood mulch at the Basswood and Woodland
compost site. This offer is due to a reduced demand for biomass fuel in the region and will continue
until further notice. The normal charge for this material is $8 per cubic yard. Our wood mulch is made
from shredded brush brought in by residents. Many people use this wood mulch for a ground cover
around plantings and flower beds or as a fill layer under more expensive specialty mulches.

 You may load your own for free at either the Basswood or Woodland Compost Site.
 Loading is available Monday to Fridays from 7:30am to 3:30pm at the Basswood Site only. There
is a small loading fee of $2.00 per load for residents. Stop at the Main Office first.
 Deliveries are available for $30.50 per 6 cubic yard load within Manitowoc County.
 Businesses and farms that need large amounts should contact the Recycling Center at 683-4333
for details.

For questions or more information contact the Manitowoc County Recycling Center at 683-4333 or visit
us online at Manitowoccounty.com/recyclingcenter.

Location and Hours
Basswood Compost Site
3000 Basswood Drive
Manitowoc, WI
Monday – Friday: 7am to 4pm
Saturday: 8am to Noon

Woodland Drive Compost Site
4191 Woodland Drive
Two Rivers, WI
Monday – Friday: 10am to 6pm
Saturday: 8am to 4pm