Recycling Center

The recycling center is located at 12414 Rusch Road.  It is open on Saturdays from 8 AM to 2 PM.  Please bring your recyclables (plastic, glass, cardboard, grass clippings).  We also collect garbage (non-recyclables) in our Town of Liberty bags, which are sold at the recycling center for $2.00 each.

NOTICE:  Please see notices of price/policy changes at the Recycling Center.

Recycling Center

Pricing and Policies

Town of Liberty Recycling Center

  • All garbage (non-recyclables) must be in a Town of Liberty bag. If you bring your garbage in a non-Liberty bag, you must still pay the $2.00/bag fee to dispose of it. Bags are available for $2.00 each.
  • We encourage all residents to segregate their tin cans and deposit them in the scrap metal bin at the Recycling Center.
  • We encourage all residents to segregate their aluminum cans and deposit them in the designated barrels at the Recycling Center.
  • All plastics must have their caps removed and any strings/rope used to transport containers must be removed before placing them in the plastics wagon.
  • Other Fees:
    • Kitchen Chair $2.00
    • Recliner $10.00
    • Couch $20.00
    • Burn Barrel $10.00
    • Truckload of garbage: Starting at $20.00 (total fee determined by Recycling Attendant)
  • Metal Dumpster - No one is allowed in this dumpster at any time. No person is allowed to remove any item from this dumpster at any time.
  • The attendant on duty has the right to refuse all materials not in compliance with Town, County, or State regulations.
  • Please ask for help, if needed, with larger or heavy items.

Please Recycle - it's up to you.